Two Quotes for Today

Carol A. Hand

Great success, like disgrace,
Can bring great trouble.
Success which advances ego
Can make you lose your way.
(Diane Dreher, p. 112)


The Tao person, detached and wise,
Embraces all as Tao.
(Diane Dreher, p. 113)

aadi and crocus

Photo Credit: Aadi Hand, 2001

Work Cited:

Diane Dreher, 1990). The Tao of inner peace. New York, NY: Harper Perennial.

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14 thoughts on “Two Quotes for Today

  1. “While Eeyore frets …
    … and Piglet hesitates
    … and Rabbit calculates
    … and Owl pontificates
    …Pooh just is.”

    -The Tao of Pooh

    (Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Great picture, btw!)

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  2. I just dropped in to say “hi” from Palm Rae Pottager and I have been here before! “Hi” and thankyou for being one of those people who shoot from the hip and who are “real”. Too many blogs are full of manufactures bampf, selling products, selling themselves, selling lies, but here we find honesty and openness and reality and that’s what I love in a blog. Hi from sunny Tasmania Australia and kudos for your honest posting 🙂


    1. It’s good to hear from you, Narf, and see the work you have been doing on your incredible Serendipity gardens. I appreciate your comments about honesty, openness, and reality – it’s what I love in blogs as well. I also love the creativity and humor you share 🙂


      1. I try to keep my message light whenever I can. People learn more when they are entertained and sometimes it’s that spoon full of sugar (humour) that helps the medicine go down ;). I hope it isn’t getting too cold in your neck of the woods? It’s still cool in the mornings here but is starting to heat up in the days. Good gardening weather 🙂


        1. You are good at humor – my attempts are often quite pathetic 🙂

          Funny you should mention weather. The last I checked, we are supposed to be on the lighter edge of the first major snowstorm tomorrow, 6 inches rather than 15. And it is cold today, a beginning of below freezing temperatures. Last winter that often meant 20 to 40 degrees (Fahrenheit) below zero with well over 120 inches of snow. I actually love winter, but living though the polar vortex last year was challenging to say the least. What are winters (and summers) like in Tasmania?


        2. Summers are nowhere near as hot as the rest of Australia (part of the reason we moved here) but a 30C day here feels like much hotter thanks to humidity from all of the vegetation that generates in the winter. We rarely get down to 0C (34F) here and as we are on the river on a steep rocky slope, we rarely get frost so it is very mild compared to your winters. Our summers are long and dry but we are being promised hotter than average temperatures and a bad year for bushfires so we have to make sure to get our property ready which involves whipper snipping the back block…NOT my favourite thing to do but completely necessary. I hope your winter isn’t a repeat of last year. I remember everyone in the north complaining a lot about how cold and horrific it was.


  3. Hello Carol, I arrive here via Robbie’s post and am most grateful she shared you! As someone outside the US I read your political post with a cheer! So often I read posts from those who unquestioningly believe the nonsense they are fed – that post is refreshing and honest and spot on.

    And today’s quotes are an excellent thought for any day 🙂


    1. I appreciate your thoughtful comments about the importance of critical thinking, Pauline, and I’m grateful to Robbie for connecting me to your lovely, creative blog. I look forward to learning more about your work and your insights 🙂


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