I Wonder if You See How Beautiful you Are?

Carol A. Hand

Some mornings, obligations pile up so the question of how to focus my day is not even an option to consider. Today, I am revisited by a sense of obligation to explain the reasons for writing “Well Met.” Before heading off to sleep in the wee hours of the morning on the day I wrote the post, I tried to catch up on reading many of the blogs I follow. I know I am weeks behind. I fell asleep afterwards floating in gratitude for the gift of being able to glimpse the depth of scholarship, beauty, wisdom, and commitment to a kinder world that is shared by so many people around the globe. When I awoke, I wanted to share my gratitude and reflect back the beauty I see in all of those who follow and visit Voices from the Margins.

In the blogs I read, people may write about their fears and struggles or the disturbing state of the world today, but what I see beneath the surface is beauty – people who care deeply about oppression, inequality, and suffering. But I’m not sure if you all see how special and beautiful you really are. You’re a beacon of hope and inspiration in a world that so needs your wisdom and light. As Robbie at eloquently wrote in a comment on Well Met,

“I am realizing lately that it is not so much “about” what our blog identity “is”…it is about our spirits 🙂 it is ” what” we are saying…we have a common core that is sometimes not visible to the human eye…our words + photos capture something that we all feel.. it connects us all..+ that is what I enjoy about blogging over the cyber fence…we live all over the world but somehow we have a spirit that connects us + when we find each other… we are loyal + truthful which is hard to find today :-)”

lake superior sunrise

Photo Credit: Lake Superior Silhouettes – Photographer Jnana Hand

There was a second realization about the beauty and suffering of “ordinary” people that had been on my mind. Amid the never-ending messages of fear and hatred from news media or political emails, there is much that touches my heart with hope. Gardening has provided a rare opportunity for me to connect with some of my neighbors. Three women in particular have spent time sitting in my yard while I puttered – planting, weeding, clearing brush – to share stories about their lives and hopes for the future as they kept me company as I worked. What touched me most deeply was that all three balanced financial, family, and health challenges, yet all represented incredible beauty – gentleness, generosity of spirit, and a commitment to do what they could to make the world a kinder place. Their simple kindness is inspiring. They give to others who are less fortunate even though they have little themselves in the way of material extras. Stories about ordinary people who are loving and kind don’t make the news, but they are the bedrock of what makes life meaningful and bearable. I wanted to say thank you. I am honored to be in the presence of people who, despite society’s disregard, are really quite extraordinary.

As I listen to the stories of hard times my neighbors have lived through and still face, what I see are women who have become kinder and more generous rather than angry and bitter. I doubt that they see their own beauty and how precious their gifts are – how deeply they touch others. I wonder how many in the blogging community see the beauty of spirit that shines through their work. I just wish to say chi miigwetch (Ojibwe thank you) to the bloggers and neighbors who share faith in a better world and who simply do what can be done in different ways to leave a more hopeful legacy for future generations. You are so beautiful

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51 thoughts on “I Wonder if You See How Beautiful you Are?

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  1. I hope you see your beauty and kindness too, Carol. Because it shines from your blog all of the time, and when I read your posts, they sometimes make my day.

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  2. Love the peace in your garden space….sometimes I need the healing from the trees and plants and the quiet surroundings to get thru my day/week. Thank You Carol for providing this beautiful oasis in the midst of the city chaos.


  3. Very touching, Carol. I have always loved books for they brought me in contact with the wisdom of great minds; blogging has been exponentially more rewarding. I’m grateful to have crossed the path and hearts of the many bloggers, who give us so much inspiration and life lessons. Thanks for being one of them.


  4. This is really a hopeful and uplifting piece Carol. “Boring” news of everyday kindness are generally not considered newsworthy, but this is what makes life bearable and worth living. I treasure these as I make my way through my day.


  5. My wife spends time in her garden every chance she gets. Talking to the plants and our middle-aged puppy. The world needs more beauty in whatever form it may take.

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  6. Chi miigwetch to you, Carola, fellow pilgrim. You care ultimately for the ultimate things, to paraphrase Paul Tillich. That’s as close to a faith as I can get. Wonderful, touching post.


  7. Beauty of spirit. The essence of life itself and the one concept which has the real potential for positively and profoundly transforming life on Earth now and forever. Thank you for writing the words beauty of spirit; may all people discover theirs, until all human actions become based on the supreme spiritual wisdom residing in every heart.


  8. I, too, have been away from blogging for several weeks, and doing the same thing; catching-up on blogs I follow. Your sharing here is absolutely true & important to remember. Amidst the constant media barrage of violence, death, destruction, and injustice we need to recognize the beauty & hope around us that truly is more plentiful. Blessings to you & thanks for the beauty that you share in so many ways!


    1. Thank you for your kindness and thoughtful comments, Maria. It’s good to hear from you and to learn more about the crucial social justice work you do in partnership with a dedicated group of advocates. And thank you for sharing a link to this post – it was my way of acknowledging the beauty I see in people who are concerned about the challenges of our times an do what they can to make the work a kinder place.

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  9. Thank you too for the wonderful expression of your gratitude through this post … this holds the impression of who we are, what we do here and why we do what we do. Thank you too for highlighting beauty as the bedrock of what makes life meaningful.


  10. I reblogged this on my blog. I needed to share about you:-) I got busy this past week for my son came home from graduate school + we wanted to chit chat with him about his life.I did not get back to reading blogs till later. I try to catch all the blog posts from my cyber bloggers in my reader, but I missed some. I missed this one. I did not reblog this one because you used my quote, it was because you inspire me to say things like that! You write from your heart + everyone that visits your blog can see that. You are so blessed with the gift to write! I am lucky to have met a person as you, over the cyber fence!
    Keep your voice going-we need you in this world!!!!


  11. I wrote this for you on my blog:-) but I did not post it correctly..this is what I wanted to say to everyone about you:-)

    I get busy in my life + miss things. I missed this post by Carol where she put my comment to her eloquent post which are many in her blog- Voices from the Margins. You have to know her for she embodies the word “wisdom” + I might add “kindness”….she is a great woman + you all need to read her blog. She is a gifted writer. I admire people who are blessed with the ability to write. My oldest daughter was gifted with “words” + I hope some day she starts writing again for the world needs talented writers that inspire. I do believe it is a gift. Many of us can write blogs, but there are those that actually “encourage” and write from the deepest corners of their soul. Carol is that, person. Make sure you add her to your weekly read you won’t be disappointed. I have never met her in person, but I can tell you from reading her blog posts she is a person I would be honored to call, friend


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Robbie, and for sharing this post with others. I am honored to call you a friend. I see you as someone who breathes love into all you touch – gardens, people, photos of beauty and life, and inspiring words.

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  12. Oh, Carol, Clearly you have touched many of us deeply with this post. I imagine there are many of us who blog for just the reasons you write of, especially, to share our humanity and resist the slow strangling of the world.

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