Response to Today’s Daily Prompt – Truth Serum: Blogging 101

Carol A. Hand

Let me be honest – I’ll take the truth serum and risk being misunderstood. I don’t like daily prompts. I realize many people do and they often share exquisite essays, photos, and poems. For me, they’re a distraction. The stories I write about come from an urgency that won’t let me rest until they are written – the opposite of writer’s block. At times, this is extremely annoying. When I have tasks that need doing like now – a garden to harvest and a yard to get ready for winter – ignoring the pressure to write means I risk a lack of focus for the rest of the day.

It’s true that there are times when writing is difficult for me – the kind of writing that requires accurate details. I have two books in process that require that sort of attention right now. They’re on hold until I have time to immerse myself into the work it will take to interweave historical and contextual details into a storyteller’s voice.

No one made me sign up for blogging 101. It’s a choice I made, hence I am completing this assignment quickly so I can rush outside to get some work done on this cloudy, chilly, blustery day. I don’t mean to be dismissive of my compatriots in this adventure, but I need to care for the gardens that are my most pressing responsibility today, when the time is right.

truth serum

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9 thoughts on “Response to Today’s Daily Prompt – Truth Serum: Blogging 101

  1. You fulfilled the prompt. You’re setting your priorities and a good example for all of us other bloggers. I must say, I love beginning my work day reading your posts. And as my Cousin Helen used to say, “You make my day.” Trust you had a productive gardening day.

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    1. Thank you for understanding and affirming my decision, Skywalker. The morning weather forecast confirms that it was a wise way to spend yesterday – 30 degree temperatures and a possibility of snow are predicted by the weekend.

      I appreciate your kindness – you always make my days better, too!


    1. Me too, Jean, although I’m not so sure I’m looking forward to the “above average snowfall” that’s predicted for the upcoming winter, especially after last winter 🙂

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  2. Not to be dismissive either, Carol, however I suspect that those who engage in/respond to Daily Prompts have far more time on their hands than I do. Of course, to each, their own. 🙂 Onward with your priorities.

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    1. Thank you for your thoughtful reply, Eric. It made me realize that I have neglected to tell you how much I enjoy your thought-provoking and helpful posts. (Writing in response to the daily challenges of blogging 101 gives me little time for anything else – if I allow it to do so.)


    1. What a great article, Stuart! I’m so grateful to know that having one’s hands in the dirt really does make one feel at peace with the world – a scientifically validated fact! And today, as I watch the steady all-day rain that began before dawn, with a prediction of snow by the weekend, I have confirmation that it was a wise decision to spend yesterday outside…


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