Titles and Taglines: Blogging 101

Carol A. Hand

Voices from the Margins is a title that represents one of the central themes of my life. Born into the liminal space between cultures with an Ojibwe mother with a professional career (a nurse) and an Anglo American working-class father with a 9th-grade education, where does one “fit?” Raised with instructions in two religions that claimed to be “the one true faith,” the Catholicism forced on my mother in an Indian boarding school and the Presbyterian faith of my father’s English roots, I learned to question both at an early age. As a girl who loved science and nature and climbing trees, not fashion, who refused to learn typing and how to cook, I was forced to acknowledge that the limiting categories of accepted social roles just didn’t work for me.


Photo Credit: Gary Larson, The Far Side (1983 FarWorks, Inc.)

It was easier for me to finally admit that there were just too many differences to bridge. Fitting in would mean compromising who I was on too many levels. Blogging from this frame has taught me that there are so many more people who feel they are on the margins than I ever imagined. Connecting through blogging has created a sense of community that I never envisioned as a possibility. Fortunately, I found a blogging partner who has similar feelings about the name we have chosen for our blog.

The tagline did need a little adjustment. Initially, we described our blog as “A welcoming place for voices of resistance from the margins.” Our original hope was to create a space for others to share their perspectives and creative works. That really hasn’t worked the way we had hoped. Thanks to the blogging 101 course, I was inspired to tweak the tagline a little: “A welcoming space for the voices of resistance to the forces of oppression and hegemony.” This is closer to what I believe we mean by resistance, but the tagline may still need more work.

One final thought. Our blog has a modest number of followers. For anyone enrolled in blogging 101 who would like to reach a different and new audience, my blog partner and I really do welcome submissions. If your work fits with the blog’s purpose, described on our “About” page, please check out the submissions page for details.

7 thoughts on “Titles and Taglines: Blogging 101

  1. “Connecting through blogging has created a sense of community that I never envisioned as a possibility.”

    What I have found too, for me it was amazing to be able to connect to others when I couldn’t get out.

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  2. I would also hazard you are one of the straddlers Lubrano talks about in Blue Collar Roots: White Collar Dreams. These are people whose basic cultural orientation leans towards working class and the alienation they experience as they enter a white collar profession.


    1. Yes, you’re correct – I would say that I increasingly saw myself as working class and an unwilling colonial subject… Lubrano’s work sounds interesting!


  3. This is a lovely site. I like the photo across the top, like the clean look, and I like what you’re writing about. You may be surprised at how many are on the margins… and not just from a bi-racial or multi-heritage. We have marginalized whoever doesn’t fit into our concept of “correct” or “trustworthy” or “like us.” And since I’m an elder and have the luxury of seeing a span of years and generations, what I’m seeing now is that the marginalized are finding voices, like you have, and support, and a visible presence. Kudos. I’m proud of you.


    1. Janet, thank you so much for your kind and lovely comments. I appreciate your feedback about the photo and “clean look.” It’s particularly meaningful given the beautiful photo and clean look of your new page, “Step into the Crossroads.” (I love the metaphor and your description.)

      Your insights about being on the margins are important. Blogging has helped me discover so many people who share this feeling – it’s not something I have encountered often in my jobs. I either worked with university or state government agencies, or tribal communities. In both cases, I was the one in the middle.

      Again, thank you so much for your kindness.

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