Opportunity to Stand with Palestinians to Put an End to Genocide

Carol A. Hand

This morning, I received an email from a friend requesting assistance. Although I am not at liberty to share her name, the text and links for information and action are below.

Sorry for the mass email, but I’d like to ask you to PLEASE add your name (by clicking on the link below) and call or email the White House. As we well know, this GENOCIDE MUST END. WE, each one of us, can further empower this movement by doing something that’ll take only a few minutes of your time. Please forward to all your contacts so that we can pressure our “democracy” into doing the right thing – not aiding and supporting this ongoing genocide by terrorists. As you well know, as Muslims, we must change injustice through our hands, then through our tongues, and finally through our heart. This is the moment, now is the time.

American Muslims for Palestine – Action Alert:

American Muslims for Palestine – Let’s Jam the Lines:

4 thoughts on “Opportunity to Stand with Palestinians to Put an End to Genocide

  1. Done. And I’ve wrote my two Senators and Congressman back when you posted your letter to yours. Two wrote back with, “Blah, blah, blah, Israel has a right to defend itself. Blah, blah, and blah.


    1. Peter, I am so grateful for all that you do to make the world a kinder, more compassionate place for all our relations despite those in power 🙂


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