A Symbolic Step in the Correct Direction

Second Letter – July 21, 2014:

Dear Congressman Nolan,

I wish to thank you for your response to the concerns I sent on July 17, 2014, regarding the situation in Palestine. As the violence continues and deaths of civilians escalate, I feel it is important to express my concerns again. This time, I am including a link to a balanced nonpartisan historical overview that compares the experiences of the Jewish people of Europe in the 1930s and 1940s with their treatment of Palestinians today: http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/israel_is_captive_to_its_destructive_process_20140714

As a nation, we often proclaim our commitment to human rights concerns, yet our tax dollars are supporting this violent invasion of a people walled into a ghetto with nowhere to hide from bombs and bullets! Once again I ask that you consider the gravity of this crisis and the loss of innocent lives. Please consider suggesting action to end U.S. financial support for Israel and recommend the imposition of strong sanctions against Israel. We have done this to Russia because of the violence in Ukraine.


Dr. Carol A. Hand

Second Response – July 25, 2014 – A Symbolic Step in the Correct Direction

8 thoughts on “A Symbolic Step in the Correct Direction

  1. YES!! Thank you Carol. I am just heartbroken over what is happening to the Palestinians and I have spent a lifetime studying the horrific events of WWII. Israel I am afraid has taken on the mantle of the aggressor. And I find myself afraid to comment lest I be accused of anti-semitism when NOTHING could be further from the truth. The United States has the blood of Palestinian children on our hands. We are supporting Israel’s policies for all the wrong reasons, economic and political concerns are dictating our policies, not ethics and humanity. I am disappointed in Obama for this. I am disappointed in The US and I am disappointed in Israel. I know there are so many intellectual Jewish dissenters. They need to speak, lest they follow the path they so abhored in Germany.

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    1. You have raised such important issues, Cindy. It is hard to speak out about the violence because of the immediate censure, so your comments are all the more important! Thank you for giving them voice.

      I am grateful to Rep. Rick Nolan for taking a stand that is unpopular to many, but hopefully not to the majority of his constituents. I hoped he would take a stand given his strong opposition to war with Iran or sending troops to Iraq. Yet in many ways he still is grounded in the prevailing view of Israel as “our” democratic ally and prefers the option of a two-state solution. This legacy of colonialism is tragic and ill-advised.

      Like you, I find myself astounded and profoundly disappointed with the lack of media attention to the global grassroots opposition to this senseless and brutal slaughter of innocent people imprisoned in what functions as an interment camp. Yet I know we are all doing what we can.

      Again, thank you Cindy for expressing your insights with such clarity, depth, and eloquence.


    1. Thank you too, Laura, for your important acknowledgement of the courageous Israelis who are also doing what they can to end the invasion.


    1. I wish he would, although he states repeatedly that he views Israel as a “democratic state” and important US ally, so I think it’s unlikely.


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