Resistance to the FCC

Popular Resistance is putting pressure on the Federal Communications Commission, as described in their most recent newsletter.

“FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is already struggling to defend his new rules proposal to allow fast lane net discrimination by his corporate allies at Comcast, Verizon and AT&T – but we need to keep building the pressure to get the other FCC commissioners on our side. The next week is a critical time. Before May 15th when the FCC holds its next Open Meeting, citizen pressure needs to continue to build to demand reclassifying the Internet as a common carriers, putting into law net neutrality and removing all obstacles that prevent locally controlled public Internet.”

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3 thoughts on “Resistance to the FCC

  1. I suspect we have an uphill on this. The rapid growth of the Internet has made it really hard for the corporate elite to hide their criminal behavior. They had their “elected” and appointed representative are really keen to turn the clock back and render us passive and ignorant again.


    1. I suspect this is true, Dr. Bramhall. If knowledge is power, than the opposite must be true also. And it is in the best interest of those in power to hide behind the divertimentos of corporate media and entertainment.


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