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Carol A. Hand

In case anyone is still interested in submitting comments on net neutrality to the Federal Communications Commission prior to their decision-making meeting tomorrow, I have included a link to the FCC comment page  and a copy of the letter I submitted. One word of caution. As you can see from my letter, I have embedded links to online resources. I only learned in the message confirming that my comments were successfully posted that they may be rejected if they included links to certain websites.

May 8, 2014

Federal Communications Commissions

Tom Wheeler, Chair
Mignon Clyburn, Commissioner
Jessica Rosenworcel, Commissioner
Ajut Pai, Commissioner
Michael O’ Rielly, Commissioner

Dear FCC Chair and Commissioners,

I am writing to urge you to protect free speech for all Americans by protecting net neutrality. Although I have been asked to share my story about the importance of the internet in my daily life, I don’t believe that will have any impact on your decision. Reading your biographies did little to convince me that personal appeals would be an effective strategy for countering a corporate agenda. There are few actions that the present administration has taken thus far that indicate understanding or concern about the issues confronting ordinary Americans like me. From health care to bail-out economic stimulus initiatives, corporate America has benefitted while hunger, poverty, and homelessness continue to affect millions of families and children. As a nation we continue to fund wars, drone strikes, and weapons for Israel to use in its genocidal war against indigenous Palestinian people while we cut SNAP benefits for poor families and children. Honestly, when an out-of-touch President who ran on a populist platform tells hardworking Latino families that they should just cancel their cell phones and cable television services to pay for health insurance, it is clear whose interests matter.

Despite my lack of faith in the FCC or this administration to do what is fair and in the best interests of ordinary citizens like me, I nonetheless feel a need to do what I can to urge policy decisions that are fair, decisions that protect the right of free speech guaranteed in the constitution. It seems once again corporations will reap profits from a system that was built with funding provided primarily by ordinary taxpayers like me. I hope you prove my assumptions wrong and decide to protect the rights of all citizens regardless of growing wealth disparities by denying corporate control of a vital communication system.

With Sincerity,
Dr. Carol A. Hand

6 thoughts on “Comments on Net Neutrality

  1. Great letter. This is really serious. The pay-to-play system being pushed by internet and broadband providers is designed to restrict or cut off web access from ordinary people who cannot afford the exorbitant and confiscatory fees which are sure to come. This isn’t just about greed, it’s also about power. Citizens pushed off the internet will have no voice.

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    1. Thank you for your comments, Robert. It is serious. I felt that I needed to do something in response to an appeal from MoveOn for people to share stories about their everyday use of the internet, but I really didn’t think a folksy emotional appeal would have any impact. When I was online trying to learn more about the FCC, I noticed that over 10,000 comments on the issue of net neutrality had already been received by the FCC.

      I agree that it is also about power, as well as the power to silence dissent and shut down access to information that challenges status quo fictions.

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