Spring Is Finally Here – And Music Is Everywhere!

Carol A. Hand

This morning I awoke to hear my parakeets singing, and my little dog, Pinto, adding his lovely voice (yes, he really does sing — he’s singing as I type).


pinto 2

Photo Credit: Animal Allies Adoption Photo

When I stepped outside, my yard was filled with the sound of the birds that returned after a long and silent winter.


Photo Credit: ocmist-blogspot.com


Photo Credit: kitchen garden.co.uk

This is a short post to wish you all a wonderful Sunday filled with music.


6 thoughts on “Spring Is Finally Here – And Music Is Everywhere!

  1. We have a resident Robin, sitting on her eggs eye level in a tree just off our back deck. Looking forward to seeing and hearing the little chicks. Mother Earth’s way of giving back for planting that tree 12 years ago. Peace.


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